About Us

From Our Founder

 I have friends and family who speak English as a second language, and they always tell me how different it was when they moved to the US and began interacting with native speakers. It made them better, but was a little overwhelming. I believe that giving learners access to native speakers is an integral part to fluency. I am excited to help you achieve your goals, and I am looking forward to talking to you.  

Mission Statement

 We believe that native speaker interaction is the best way to access and understand all aspects of a language (e.g., pronunciation, cultural references, social skills, vocabulary). Today's technology allows us to overcome the limitations of distance and location to allow learners of any language to connect with its native users. Our goal is to provide access to native speakers of a language for those learning that language. 

Staff Spotlight

Jenna Luque, PhD, CCC-SLP

 A trained Speech-Language Pathologist and Linguist, Jenna has worked with English learners for over 10 years. Her approach to pronunciation focuses on educating learners about the basic workings of sound production and using the senses of hearing, sight, and touch for pronunciation training.